Makin’ Camper Kimchi - Step 3. After leaving the mix...

Makin’ Camper Kimchi - Step 3. After leaving the mix overnight to wilt and expel excess water… Stuff it into your canning jar, and mix in your pepper paste. I mixed Korean pepper flakes into mashed pear (for heat-cutting sweetness + extra sugar for fermentation) and other stuff I had around like Turmeric and Wasabi powder + a good bit of water kefir. Just layer it in as you add the vegetable mix. [Previous: I can’t always find the usual ingredients. Today’s choices are Rainbow Chard, Kale, and Stir-Fry Mix (broccoli, carrots, snow peas), and Ginger. And of course Korean Pepper Flakes. (I don’t use Garlic and Onion in mine.) In addition to the salt lacto-ferment, I brew it with Water Kefir for the ultimate probiotic concoction.#kimchi #rawvegan #vegan #probiotics #kefir #vegetarian #chard #kale #gochugaru #pickling #campinglife (at Nederland, Colorado)

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