Make An Emergency Phone Charger From A Cordless Drill

If your phone is dead and you can’t find your plug in charger, BUT you have a cordless drill lying around, you can hack it to recharge your phone battery. Grant Thompson shows a clever way to hook up the drill to your phone so that with just a bit of hand cranking, you can be back in action — hopefully before your arms tire out!

I personally carry a hand crank emergency radio with a USB hookup for precisely this purpose. It’s definitely nice to have in a pinch. But the other “obvious” thing that occurred to me was that I could also just recharge my cordless drill by running it backwards — let’s say by pedaling a bike. Hmm…

I know some viewers are saying to themselves… “Why the heck would you be in a situation where you have a cordless drill, but NOT have access to a phone charger?”

If you’re asking this, then you’re totally missing the point. The “takeaway” from this is that IF YOU HAVE A DC ELECTRIC MOTOR, YOU CAN MAKE A BATTERY CHARGER. An electric drill is a particularly strong motor, but even something like a battery powered fan can be made to charge a battery. Provided you have a stash of “gear” or tools around, you probably have an electric motor you can repurpose. If you ask me, that’s a pretty powerful realization. ...
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