Homemade Vegan Pizza… At Camp!! So happy I finally...

Homemade Vegan Pizza… At Camp!! So happy I finally figured out how to do it with my backpacking gear. 🍕😃🎉 The method I developed was to bake it inside two black pie pans sandwiched together, Boy Scout Dutch Oven style. I placed it right atop my tin-can wood-gasifying stove. Then placed a foil-lined cardboard box over the whole deal to make an oven. To raise the pizza off the pan, I used a flat rock as a pizza stone. I preheated the whole deal for 10 minutes, added the personal-sized pizza into the pie-pan oven on the pizza stone. And just 8 minutes later, out came one of the best vegan pizzas I’ve ever had! It was SOOO good! The vegan “notzarella” of course was homemade and came out amazing on my first round of experimenting. I’m still toying with the batch. My final touch – adding some “probiotic” sprouting water from lentils has it tasting incredibly similar to real cheese, and I’m letting it culture a bit more to see what happens. 😋 #homemadepizza #veganpizza #DIY #campingpizza #camping #vegan #vegancheese #veganmozarella #campcooking #cardboardoven #notzarella #backpackingstove #campingoven

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