►►Serious Offer: Who Wants A Free Camper? ►► Camper Re-Build Project - Mesa, AZ Update: I am now willing to *GIVE* the RV to anyone who will pay the $80 storage fee and come get it immediately, like by Wednesday. (Posting for a friend in need. Please share.) "It is a '78 Ford Newporter, Econoline chassis. Rebuilt motor has only 1,000 miles. It is mechanically sound, just passed smog. New front tires, but needs 4 back tires (dually). Wood frame needs to be rebuilt. I've spent over $ 3K fixing it (tires are $180 each), back drum brakes rebuilt, new starter, new battery, new U joints, etc. Thinking $2K obo, to recoup some of what I spent. It's parked here in Mesa, and can show it anytime with a little notice." Message: Email:

from Mobile Rik - Living Off The Grid In A DIY Camper

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