Vegans Also Need To Remember -- It's not about YOU -- It's About The ANIMALS

The issue: We’re in an era right now when we are finally starting to see celebrities converting to veganism and plant-based diets, and as a result, it’s finally becoming acceptable to even *mention* the word “Vegan” on TV. Yet quite a few loud and obnoxious “Vegans” can’t help but miss the grandness of the forest for the tiniest sprouts, focusing instead on a petty tabloid-level game of “let’s see which famous people are less perfect than me.”   

This is adapted from a comment I posted to’s Facebook Page regarding the video at the bottom from David Duchovny’s appearance on Bill Maher.

Hurray for both of them!
I’m 100% Vegan and 100% supportive of ANY mention of animal rights and veganism in the media that can EASILY result in hundreds of millions of animals saved from torture.   

In the end, it’s not about perfectionism — It’s 100% about saving the animals. If 20 million people switch to 50% vegan, how many animals does that save? You can do the math… But it’s way more than that! Because this is a MOVEMENT, and a mass conversion of millions of people even PARTIALLY to “vegetarian-ish” will change the media conversation — it will become a “trend” — and the market will respond to the trend — and it will become mainstream — and people will respond to the new industry push towards cheaper plant-based foods — and the market will respond to the new demand — and people will start becoming more open to changing their minds once their stomachs and tongues are satisfied — and guess what? ANIMALS WILL BE SAVED IN RECORD NUMBERS.   

So stop the petty tabloid-like fascination with imperfect people. This is about ANIMALS.  (…)

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